Jack Vance - Magnus Ridolph

Magnus Ridolph
Title Magnus Ridolph
cover art by C. Michael Taylor
Code vde02
ISBN 978-1-61947-001-9
Published 2012
Price $ 5.99


"Magnus Ridolph didn't look like an interstellar troubleshooter, at first. He was not tall and muscular, ... and his voice and manner seemed far too mild for an adventurer. Yet there was a chill hardness in his mild eyes that warned of the deceptiveness of his appearance..."


This is a collection of all stories featuring Magnus Ridolph, troubleshooter for hire. Invariably those with whom he associates try to either cheat him or take advantage of him, but Magnus Ridolph always comes up with the answer to their problem and, usually with an unexpected twist, manages to collect his full fee from the cheater.

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