Jack Vance - Night Lamp

Night Lamp
Title Night Lamp
cover art by Joe Bergeron
Code vde62
ISBN 978-1-61947-061-3
Published 2012
Price $ 6.99


Young Jaro Fath, his violent past shrouded in amnesia, is raised by adoptive parents who want him to follow in their scholarly footsteps. But driven by the need to know his origins, he becomes a spaceman and sets off on a voyage of self-discovery. His quest brings him to the decadent world Fader, whose proud but indolent upper class live in fear of the bio-engineered slaves who cater to their every whim. Here Jaro will confront the dire secret of his origin.

No one does space opera like Jack Vance. Here is one of science fiction’s grandmasters at the top of his form.

-Matthew Hughes

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