Jack Vance - Ports of Call

Ports of Call
Title Ports of Call
cover art by Joe Bergeron
Code vde63
ISBN 978-1-61947-062-0
Published 2012
Price $ 6.99


Myron Tany is an unhappy young economist until his flamboyant great-aunt lets him captain her space yacht on an interstellar hunt for a clinic rumored to restore youth. But when a disagreement with Dame Hester leaves Myron stranded on a distant planet, he signs on as supercargo aboard the tramp freighter Glicca. He travels the exotic worlds of the Gaean Reach, finding adventure or misadventure at every touchdown.

Jack Vance, grandmaster of lighthearted space opera, shapes a picaresque tale of adventure, romance, humor, and youth’s eternal yearning to see the wonders that lie beyond the horizon.

-Matthew Hughes

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