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Joe St. Johanser - Clarges

Artist Joe St. Johanser
Album title Clarges
cover art by Joel Anderson
Code vcd003
Published 2015
Price $ 11.99

About ‘Clarges’

An opera buffa in six acts by Joe St.Johanser, based on the classic Jack Vance sci-fi novel Clarges.

Performed by the Orchestra Ensemble Lumiere conducted by Neil Ferris.

Vocalists: Anna Loveday, Edward Grint, Vanessa Bowers, Richard Arundel, et al.

©2013 Robosoft Music Ltd.

Content: Clarges, 2CD, format M4A (320kbps, 44KHz, stereo), CD cover, Libretto, Vocal score and Full musical score

Total download size: 352Mb

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